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Nota Simple and Land Registry Opcje
#1 Wysłane : 23 czerwca 2018 09:30:54
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Przyłączony: 2018-06-19
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I have two problems to raise, one relates to my property and one to my friend's so I will raise her problem first.
1. In 2009 she received documents to say the bank would repossess her property and it had a court date which she didn't attend. It's been 6 years but she has heard nothing and hasn't received an eviction letter and no-one has been to change the locks. The Nota Simple still has her name on so how can she find out if the the bank went to court and repossessed her home, or not?
2. My problem is that I purchased an old Spanish townhouse in 2006 and my lawyer sent all the appropriate paperwork to the land registry but only the water and rubbish collection bills have been changed to my name. The IBI and other townhall bills are still in the name of the previous owner. My lawyer sent the documents again to the land registry but then they wanted drawings and photos of the property. I paid an architect (at the land registries request) to do official drawings, documents and photos and was told everything would then be changed to my name but it's been two years and the IBI is still not in my name and no-one at my local townhall can tell me why or advise what I should do next.
The property was originally one house that was divided into 2 in the 1980s and the half I purchased (top floor) was sold 3 times before I purchased it and there wasn't ever any problem changing it into the new owners names. The person I purchased from now live in the other half (ground floor) and the townhall keep taking the money from their bank account to pay the bills and then I have to pay them and get a receipt. They're Spanish and also paid the architect to do their new drawings at the same time as ours but they have no idea what we can all do next. The townhall won't give me the bills directly because they're not in my name. Do I own this property or not? I have a mortgage that I'm paying with no idea whether I have a legal claim to the property.

Any help will be apprecited.

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