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Buying a house as part of a group? Opcje
#1 Wysłane : 23 czerwca 2018 09:27:39
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Przyłączony: 2018-06-19
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A group of my friends (6-7 people) and I are considering a purchase of a house for around $175K. I'm here to ask, what do I need to know? With the number of people in the group, would it be easier to form an LLC/other such group and have the entity purchase the house? We would all contribute proportionally, and should we ever sell it, we would receive the profits proportionally also. Expenses again, would be proportional. What are the tax implications of having a non-human entity owning the house? I know that Ars is not a lawyer, and more importantly, not MY lawyer, but nevertheless, the Hive mind usually knows best, so I wanted to ask.

Any help will be apprecited.

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