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Strange problem with 2005 HD Heritage Softail Custom Opcje
#1 Wysłane : 16 maja 2018 14:36:34
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Przyłączony: 2018-05-16
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Lokalizacja: london

The engine must be at full operating temperature. Also, it seems to quit running when the ambient temperature is over 95 degrees. The engine will begin popping and backfiring, it acts like an engine out of time. This lasts only a few seconds before it shuts down completely. Then, if it starts at all, it dies if you try to put any power to it. At that point, it will not run again until the engine has cooled stone cold, usually over night. Once cold, the engine will fire right up and run like a top until this phenomenon repeats itself. It could run 100 or several thousand miles before it happens again. Last time, it went 340 miles then shut down. Fired up the next day and ran around 400 miles, no break down?

Please help.

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